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Gender Identity *

* "Cisgender" in this context entails identification with the gender you were assigned at birth, whereas "transgender" entails gender identification that does not match the gender assigned to you at birth.

Race/Ethnicity *

Nationality *

Residency Status in Country of Residence *

Religious Affiliation *

Sexual Identity *

Have you taken a trip to at least one country outside of your country of residence in the last three years? *

Have you relocated to a new country in the past three years? *

If so, please select which area(s) you have traveled or relocated to in the last three years. Otherwise, you can skip to the next question.

How many countries besides your own have you visited in the last three years? *

What resources do you use in deciding where you would like to travel/relocate abroad? (select as many as apply) *

Generally, how do you prepare for a trip abroad? *

Have others ever sought you out for advice or information related to specific locations you've visited? *

Generally, what tend to be your greatest concerns while on a trip abroad? (please only select up to 3) *

Have you experienced or witnessed any of the following during times abroad that you've felt was directly connected to some aspect of your or someone else's identity? (please select all that apply) *

How much discomfort have you experienced related to your identity while traveling abroad? *

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